You Must Plan For Goals!

Posted on June 12th, 2017 by The DSWA

Do you want success and it is eluding you?

Is your goal moving up to the next level and you just can’t seem to get there?

Do you say you want 8 shows a month and only end up with 3 consistently?

Are your sales goals double your actual sales submitted?

You MUST Plan For Your Goals!

What are you doing to achieve your goals?

Schedule Your Work Days

The beauty of network marketing and being a stay-at-home income producer is that you get to write your own schedule but write a schedule you must!  If you do not schedule your time to work and then actually work it, then chances are you are not working nearly as much as you think you are.

  • If you are expecting a full time income from your business then schedule and work full time hours.
  • If you would like a party time income then schedule part time hours!

As an entrepreneur,you certainly do have the prerogative to change your schedule without asking anyone, and you will need to make up that time. Just like working for a paycheck, if you continuously call off and do not reschedule your time, your check will be small.

Use Your Upline

Network marketers have a unique opportunity to get unlimited free training from their up line. The up line is more than happy to train. Unlike in the corporate world, the people that you train are not going to take away your job or income.

Are you attending all of the training opportunities offered to you?

Don't use the excuse that your upline is no help because there is always an up-up line or even an up-up-up line. The way the “network” works is that it is to everyone’s benefit to train down at all levels and laterally as well.

This collaboration makes for a strong team. Anyone who blames their lack of success on the up line is just looking for an excuse.

Study, Study, Study

The other part of this equation is your individual education philosophy. A person who studies his/her chosen trade for 30 minutes each day will attain the status of the top 20% of his or her chosen trade within one year.

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If you are one of those people who always says: "I want more and it is just not working" then look at what kind of stimulus you are putting into your mind.

Get An Outside Mentor

All successful people have a coach or a mentor...

Baseball players, golfers, even mentor have mentors!

A mentor is someone to whom you relate on a personal and business level and who can tell it like it is, keeping you accountable and on track.  They are a partner, a collaborator and a mastermind.

Find a mentor to share what they have learned with you and assist in guiding you on the path to success. A coach or mentor clears out the fog for you. This can be your up line and frequently should be an outsider, someone not necessarily in your company.

The important thing is to have respect and good rapport. All successful business people have a coach. I am always amazed at how much impact I am able to create in someone’s life as their coach. It is not what I do so much, but what they do as a result of our relationship.

Success Requires A Plan For Goals

Successful people plan for goals, schedule their time, study their choice of trade, attend training events and have a mentor, in addition to taking advantage of every available resource for marketing their business.

Have you taken the actions necessary to succeed? Success is the result of a series of choices that will lead you to your goals.

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