Personal Development Tips For Success

Posted on August 19th, 2019 by The DSWA

Personal development is an ongoing project we each must commit to daily!  Committing yourself to excellence will help you push forward, and thrive in your field.

Personal Development Tip = Overcome Your Weakest Skill

What is your weakest skill?

Whatever your weak skill may be, it is now a the time to tackle it and become great at it. Once you have identified your weakness, plan to overcome it.

Write it down. Make a strategic plan on how you will become better. Work toward getting better at it every single day. The decision to strengthen your weak spots can help boost your confidence and your sales.

Hang With Success Stories!

You will only be as successful as the company you keep. Associate and socialize with people who are impacting change. These are successful people in their own personal and financial lives. People who are always negative, complaining or too critical will bring you down. Generally, members of the Chamber of Commerce are invested in success and a good group to join!

Healthy Personal Development!

Your health usually is not considered a business skill, yet it plays a key role in business success!!!

Take care of your diet and exercise. In order to succeed in sales, you need a bundle of energy. Getting this energy from eating right and exercise will help you sell productively, and get over rejections quickly. Make a decision to live a long, healthy life, and start toward this goal today! Not only will you live longer but your work will thank you as well.

Visualize & Be Positive & Take Action!

Make a mental image of yourself. Where do you see yourself professionally? You may want to be one of the top performers in your field, what does this look like? Keeping a clear picture in your mind of what you want will help you moving forward. Visualization will help you stay positive, confident and in control of your circumstances.

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Did you know the conversations you have with yourself throughout the day impact how you feel, and your overall outlook on your situation? For this reason, practice positive speech with yourself all day long. Instead of dwelling on where you are now, think positively about where you want to be and what you’re doing to get there.

The majority of emotions you feel are based on how you talk to your best friend: yourself.

If you’re always putting yourself down, this is the path you are carving for yourself. However, if you keep feeding yourself positive thoughts, you are bound to move forward. Talk, walk and dress like the best people in your field, and remember that it is only a matter of time before you reach the top as well.

One of the most important aspects of direct selling is to take action when you are not happy with something.

If you do not like your profits, take charge. People who experience success in all aspects of their lives revolve around action plans.

What are you doing today in the area of personal development? Take action each day and success will be yours!

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