Overcoming Shyness In Direct Sales

Posted on February 25th, 2019 by The DSWA

Are you too shy to try?

Too bashful to make an effort in the direct sales business?

A work at home direct sales business is a great way to earn a good living while being your own boss, however, many people find sales too intimidating.

Some believe that they are far too bashful to enter this great industry, or that being a sales consultant takes courage and confidence.

While many people are born with those traits, both courage and confidence can be learned and will evolve over time through education, practice and mistakes.

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Even the most confident people in sales spend time and money developing their confidence and courage. They take seminars, buy books and CDs, hire mentor coaches and learn from their life lessons. Being bashful should not be an obstacle to success in the direct sales business.

One thing that all bashful people worry about in sales is rejection.

Rejection is an inevitable part of sales. In fact, rejection is an inevitable part of life.

Most of us have become accustomed to it in life and accept that we must move forward after getting rejected.

It is the same with sales.

If you understand that rejection does not equal failure, and that everyone in the business experiences rejection, you will be able to move forward and overcome your fear of rejection.

The worst thing about shyness in sales and the business world is the opportunities people miss.

3 Tips For Overcoming Shyness In Direct Sales

  • Confidence sells

It won't sell every time, but without it, you won't make any sales.

Make a list of all your good traits and focus on them when you sell. If you are attractive, use your looks. If you have a great voice, use your voice to sell. If you are extremely knowledgeable, focus on facts and figures.

  • Focus on the positive

Always focus on what you can do for your customers, what your products can do for them, and how much they will enjoy your product or service. How can your products change lives?

Do not focus on the negative. Don't ridicule other sales consultants or products. Keep it positive and you will feel more confident.

  • Use social media to break the ice

In the old days, salesmen went door-to-door, selling encyclopedias, vacuum cleaners, and other items.

Cold-calling is not necessarily a thing of the past, but you can often avoid physical cold calling in your work at home business by using social media as a first contact system.

By using the Internet and social media sites, your customers can get to know you before you meet them in person. Breaking the ice online is a great help for bashful salespeople.

Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone!

Don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone because by doing so you will overcome your shyness! One little step out, will make that shyness a little less! Overcoming shyness is really just taking small steps that you are comfortable with one day at a time and becoming more confident along the way.

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