Making A Decision - Overcome Procrastination

Posted on December 24th, 2018 by The DSWA

Of all the things you procrastinate about, I'm willing to bet that the biggest one is making a decision.

DSWA coaching clients present us with a litany of options and opportunities they've been sitting on; not taking action but to go back and roll those ideas around in their brains for just enough time to feel miserable.

When we churn our options too long, weighing the pros and cons of a potential choice until the scale breaks, we often lose the opportunity to decide. Eventually, the thing we're considering just vanishes. You may be thinking about taking a trip, and you wait so long that it fills up. You may consider taking a course so long that the enrollment closes.

You may be thinking about joining a new company so long that the real money has already been made.

Indecision is the real enemy; much more so than the consequences of a bad decision.

Making A Decision

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  1. Create a rule for risk tolerance... Before you ever have to decide on whether or not a particular book, course, seminar or coaching program might be worth your while, make a firm decision on the “threshold of evaluation.”

    In other words, what is a cost below which you're willing to say YES with nothing more than the desire and a bit of curiosity. That number is $100 or $50. If you see something you want and it's less than $100, I buy it, no questions asked.

    Whatever that number is for you, if you want to exercise your prosperity muscles, make it a bit of a stretch. It'll grow you as a person to know that you can afford to give yourself what you want without nickle and diming yourself to death.

  2. Remember that this isn't your last decision... When we give too much importance to any one decision, we put too much pressure on ourselves, and we become gun shy about doing anything. We get the “paralysis of analysis” which keeps us stuck in a small box, forever missing the chance to make our lives better. My sister used to sit blank faced in front of every menu she ever if it were her last meal and she didn't want to get it wrong. There are likely LOTS of other meals beyond your next one, so take your next decision a little more lightly.
  3. Ask yourself what's the worst that can happen... Look at your decisions and see if there's really any risk at all. With things like 100% money back guarantees, we're often running from consequences that doesn't exist. Sure, we could talk for hours about the REAL reason people avoid self-improvement, but for now, consider the value of just asking yourself what the worst case scenario is. And if it's not that bad, take the leap!
  4. Ask yourself what's the BEST that can happen... Sometimes overcoming risk takes nothing more than the willingness to use your imagination. See the value you'll get from being bold and decisive; the opportunities that will present themselves to you just because you were willing to go for it! Spend a little time envisioning the success that your next decision might produce, and begin living your life, not from a state of survival and self-protection, but from a place of joy and adventure!
  5. Ready, fire, aim... Great leaders always credit their ability to “shoot at moving targets” for much of their success. We sometimes wait too long, trying to measure the effects of a decision and hoping that we can anticipate every eventuality. We can't. We can make an educated guess about where a decision might lead us, but for all intents and purposes, its always a bit of a gamble. So, if you're waiting for the target to stop and give you time to line up your sites completely, you may be waiting too long. Shoot at those moving targets.

    Take a chance. Recognize that you may be wrong, but that most people who have succeeded at anything weren't afraid to be wrong.

So, this week, take some chances. Reach beyond yourself a little bit. Experience the joy of being a little more adventurous. And above all, start saying YES to life!

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