The Magic Of Direct Sales

Posted on August 13th, 2018 by The DSWA

What separates successful direct sales consultants from those who fail, give up, or just never get beyond low earnings?

Clearly the former are doing things differently.

Assuming they’ve been exposed to the same technology, education and training, we can only conclude that it’s not product knowledge or knowing what to say.

They must be missing one of the following attributes of those who can tap into the magic of direct sales.
direct sales magic

Here are a couple of the qualities and behaviors that produce the MAGIC that typifies the direct selling superstar.

  • Motivation: These people are capable of motivating themselves to take consistent action day in and day out. They don’t operate based on their mood but on an ideal they’ve set for themselves.
  • Attitude: The direct selling superstar knows that his or her attitude has a powerful impact on their results. They cultivate a positive attitude, and don’t let their minds become clouded by negativity.
  • Goals: Successful people have goals. They know where they’re heading, and they write down what they want; often painting word pictures that generate a powerful image of the outcomes they seek.
  • Interaction: Success in direct sales, like any business, requires that you interact with others. You need to overcome your shyness and reluctance to introduce others to what you have. Be generous!
  • Centered-ness: This is the ability to bounce back from discouragement, fear, overwhelm, and any of the emotional hazards of the business. Finding your center will make you more powerful and effective.

Create Direct Selling Success

How do you create the MAGIC of direct selling success? You decide that you’re going to take action on your personal transformation.

Yes, some time has to be spent working IN your business, but an equal amount of time has to be spent working ON your business…and ON yourself.

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