When you have to finance college for yourself or a loved one the solution could be direct selling!!

As a college education becomes more and more important for success, it also becomes more and more expensive. The cost of a college education has increased by double the inflation rate every year for the past 10 years.

Using a direct sales or home party business is an overlooked system of financing a college degree.

Finance College With Direct Selling

Whether you are putting yourself through school or funding your children’s education the direct sales business model would be a perfect solution to finance college for anyone!

Would having an extra $100, $500 or even $3000 per month make it easier to save for your child’s college education?
Finance College
How about paying 10%, 20% or even 50% less taxes during the student’s high school years to save for the college years?

Does that sound good?

Home Business Owners Get Tax Breaks

Owning a business opens up literally hundreds of income tax reduction options not available to the employee going to work every day.

In addition to the often-discussed home office deduction, there is also the ability to “hire” your children to do tasks that relate to your home office, thus diverting money from your “high’ tax bracket to their “low or zero” tax bracket.

Children between the ages of 8-18 (or those still in college) of business owners may be paid up to $6000 per year for assisting in business duties. If a home business-owner parent “pays” their child $4500 in a year, they would save $1350 in tax dollars in a year.

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Taking advantage of this strategy accomplishes several things. Your teen child learns business ethics, the benefits of saving and you are creating a college fund in his/her name to save money for college AND you are getting a reduction in income tax liability.

Earn Income For College With Direct Sales Business

Another often-overlooked opportunity to finance college is to set up your child in a home party or direct sales business so that they can be earning income through their own direct sales endeavors, while attending college.

This will create income in two ways. You, the recruiter, will receive over rides on his/her sales, which could be put aside to pay college bills. The student will also earn a regular paycheck through the direct sales or MLM business. Your student daughter or son will be learning business skills, creating income, and setting themselves up for more than one source of income after graduation. As we move into the 21st century, everyone will have multiple streams of income to assure financial freedom.

Owning a business offers many ways to create income legally which are not always obvious to the non-business owner. These hidden streams of income from a home business can be a powerful recruiting tool.

As a direct seller you should share with guests and potential consultants at your shows how the business opportunity can be used to finance college both from commissionable sales and also from other income tax-reduction strategies.

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