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Posted on November 12th, 2018 by The DSWA

Professional Direct Seller

Whether direct sales professionals like it or not, there sometimes is a bit of a stigma attached to a business that is run out of the home but this can be overcome.

A very simple way to bypass the stigma and get right down to business is to be a direct sales professional as opposed to someone just working from home!

The result will be that your prospects and customers will give you and your business more respect.

Look Like A Direct Sales Professional

When you own your own business, you should always be prepared to meet prospects and discuss business. Often time this is an unexpected encounter!

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During business hours, you should dress in a professional manner. You should always maintain a clean and professional attire. Since we are often discussing business out and about you should always look the part of a business professional.

Aside from your appearance, a large part of the first impression you make is the way you speak.

In direct sales everyone is a potential client or consultant. Our demeanor should always reflect the professional, even when participating in non-business activities. When you speak with confidence and avoid crude language, then you sound like a business professional looking to talk business. When you allow your professional demeanor to slip, then your prospect will start to lose interest quickly. Whenever you speak to a prospect, you need to maintain your professional demeanor and always speak in a professional tone.

The simplest tip you can get when it comes to altering the impression you make on prospects is to be a business professional.

Whether it is during business hours and you are dressed in business attire, or it is the weekend and you are in your comfortable clothes, you can still use the proper tools and mannerisms to project a professional and successful appearance. When you act and look professional, then your prospects will be prepared to talk business with you.

Of course, the next step is to always be prepared....

Always Carry Business Cards

Business cards and other hand-outs are excellent reminders for prospects to contact you when they want to discuss your direct sales business.  When you have your business cards or mini-brochures with you at all times, it enhances your professional aura.

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