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Posted on April 29th, 2019 by The DSWA

The direct sales industry is a people business and the only way to survive is to be good at meeting people in different venues, locations and situations.

Direct Sales Business Leads Start With Smile

When you are meeting, greeting and sweet-talking people, there is one very easy thing you can do to give yourself a much better chance to make a sale, recruit a team member or book a party. That one thing doesn’t require any skill and very little energy.

That one thing is… a smile.

Every good lead starts with a smile!

A smile is extremely contagious and spreads like wildfire on dry timber. You have probably heard someone say that it takes more muscles to frown than to smile, so it is far easier to smile than frown. The face has approximately 40 different muscles and most of these muscles are controlled by the seventh cranial nerve. This nerve leaves your cerebral cortex and divides into five branches. These branches control different areas of the face and allow the face to move and create varying expressions and looks.

No one can truly provide a definitive answer on how many muscles it takes to form a frown or a smile. This is because everyone is different.

No matter how many muscles it takes to smile, it is undeniable that a smile makes every person you meet feel like a welcome member of your family. A smile makes everyone feel embraced, comfortable and appreciated.

Smile = Business Leads

A smile is one of the best tools for your home party plan business. More smiles bring more home party plan bookings. More party plan bookings will definitely bring more smiles when you see how many more parties you can schedule, how many more sales you’ll make and how much more successful your business will become.

There are certain techniques to turning a casual conversation into a direct sales lead and the first one is using your smile!

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