Avoid Burn Out…
Does this sound familiar?

  • I’m spinning my wheels?
  • I feel like I’m working all the time and I’m not seeing the results I want?
  • How do I fit everything in?
  • Where do I begin?
  • I’m sick and tired!

Many people with home-based businesses also have other careers or jobs. They have families and responsibilities outside of their business.

Plus, they have a business to run. It can seem overwhelming and can cause BURN OUT before you even get started.

4 Tips To Avoid Burn Out!

Here are 4 tips for avoiding burn out when running your direct selling business

  1. Set a Schedule
  2. Take Care of YOU
  3. Be Consistent
  4. Set Boundaries

1. Set A Schedule

Even if you are not a “schedule” person, this is such an important step to take. If you fly by the seat of your pants when running your business, you will get inconsistent and often low results. When you wait until the last minute to do a task it doesn’t get done correctly, and when you multitask constantly, you are not doing those tasks well.

Get help in this area if you need it. This can be LEARNED if it doesn’t come naturally to you. Set GOOD HABITS. You have to give a habit 30 days to really start kicking in.

2. Take care of YOU

This may seem obvious to you. It’s very easy to ignore yourself and run on autopilot too often.

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Answer these questions honestly; find support to help you to take care of you!

  • How many hours are you sleeping?
  • When do you exercise?
  • What are you eating?
  • How are you feeling?

Your body needs you to take care of you in order to grow your business.

3. Be Consistent

Your business will run so much easier when you are in a flow. It’s much easier to do one to three shows a week than one a month! With consistency comes predictability. With predictability comes repeated actions and results. It’s time to figure out your SYSTEM and then WORK it each day.

4. Set Boundaries

You have your own business now. This is your “work.” This is your “office.” Treat your business like a business and others will do the same. Some areas in your life may require some shifts now that you have a business.

It’s OK to say “no thank you” when asked to do something extra.

Avoid burn out by taking care of yourself and your business!