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Posted on March 25th, 2011 by RitaNoon

Accessorizing – Does It Add Or Detract From Your Look?

Business attire requires good accessories. Finding the perfect addition to your outfit will enhance your business image and complement your personal style.  Accessories, by definition, work with an outfit or style to enhance it. It is basic and it is simple!

Gold has many strengths or concentrations. Yellow gold works best with yellow (warm) based skin tones. When it stands out on your arm, neck, etc. it is wearing you. White or rose gold work perfectly with blue (cool) based skin tones. It works with the skin tone, it does not create contrast.

accessorize For Business Pearls come in a wonderful array of colors. White, black and grey pearls work with blue (cool) based skin tones. They are best set in white or rose gold. Yellow, cream and gold pearls work best with yellow (warm) based skin tones. The color enhances the skin tone, it does not detract from it.

Precious stones have an undertone of color. Match the undertone with your skin tone and the jewelry will work with you, to complement you.  The best shape of jewelry for you is determined by your shape. Rounded figures are most flattered by angular shapes in jewelry. Angles elongate the curves, softening the look. Contrast works in jewelry shapes.

Complement Your Figure And Face

Angular figures are complemented by rounded jewelry shapes. Imagine an angular face with long earrings, a long angled necklace and long pointed collar on a shirt – the whole look becomes long and very stark. Round designs create a more flattering line. Oval faces can carry rounded or angular shapes, but are best advised to steer clear of extremes in either case. Ovals are more moderate in shape.

Handbags, the size of jewelry and the size of prints in fabric that are most flattering to a person is determined by bone structure. You cannot change your bone structure.  People with large bone structure look great in large pieces of jewelry, fabrics with large prints and they are the ones who can carry a large handbag – while still having it look like a handbag! Small boned people look their best when they choose small pieces of jewelry, fabric with small prints and (you guessed it) small handbags. Large pieces overpower them completely! Medium boned people should stick with medium sized jewelry, prints and handbags. I told you it was simple!

Business Accessorizing Tips

Good business skills include good accessorizing skills. Lets summarize our accessorizing tips:

  • Cool color with cool skin tones. Warm colors with warm skin tones.
  • Bone structure determines the size of prints, handbags and jewelry. It is consistent – large bones, large scale – small bones, small scale and medium bones, medium scale.
  • Jewelry shape : rounded figure, angular jewelry; angular figure, rounded jewelry and oval figure, oval jewelry.
  • The quickest way of checking whether your accessories are right? When you finish dressing, with all accessories on, look in the mirror. What do you see?
  • If you see you – they are perfect and adding to your look.
  • If you see them (or any one of them) – it/they are detracting from your look.

The most important thing about you, is you!

About the Author

Rita Noon is an image consultant, an educator and a life changer. Through sharing her knowledge, countless men and women have benefited from her experience of 20+ years in the industry. She has learned that fashion doesn’t need to be confusing and looking good 24/7 comes from image-education, not good genetics! Rita has made a career in the business of empowerment and is always happy to share the facts. She can help you save time and money while gaining priceless knowledge!