Accepting Abundance In Your Business

Posted on June 19th, 2017 by Susanne Felker

I often wonder why it is that some can accept abundance in their lives more readily than others. Most certainly in the area of Direct Sales, everyone has the same opportunity, the same promotions available to them. Some will run with it with the message – IT’S MINE stamped on their brain and others will think, this could not be mine.

Sometimes all that it takes, is what you believe in what you can do physically in that promotion time period that will change everything for you! You just have to believe in your ability to do the work.

Do you give yourself the permission to work flat-out? Do you trust yourself? How comfortable are you with abundance? How comfortable are you with resurrecting an old dream that has been abandoned along the way?

In an interview in the New York times some years ago, Oprah Winfrey said, “I don’t think that the expression that we’re not given more than we can handle refers to just the tragedies in our lives. If you can’t handle the good stuff, if you can’t handle money, or a good relationship, or success, you’re not going to get it. It will only be given to you when you can handle it.” Isn’t that Illuminating, the good things as well as the bad? Have you ever heard of lottery winners who have blown it all within a year?

Abundance In Your Business

Over the years many have put their dreams into the attic to gather dust! We need the courage to look at those dreams of ours again, think about reinventing ourselves and allowing ourselves to fly! Accept abundance in your business!

What is the talk in your head, to you, to your family, to your team!

Do you say things like, “We can’t afford it.” What words could you use that would be more hopeful and set a tone of - anything is possible? Perhaps saying, “I can earn it” would get everyone, including yourself a little excited!

Setting exciting goals, teaches our children that anything is possible, that we do not need to stay stuck and also teaches our team members to set higher expectations and believe that the work they commit to will get that dream done! That Dreams backed by real effort can come true!

There is a saying that I grew up with in Direct Sales, “Shoot for the Moon and you will land among the Stars”.

What are the dreams and aspirations of your heart? Find them again, this is where to begin!

About the Author

As a motivational speaker and trainer Susanne has addressed and trained large groups in and outside of her own company. She now is a DSWA Certified Trainer for all of DSWA’s Coach Excellence® School and training courses. You can reach her at