Presentation tip: Ask more questions!!
A sales presentation can mean the difference between gaining a new client or losing several existing customers!

Too many organizations treat the sales presentation as the one and only standard selling strategy. Using the corporate format, blue print, flip chart or other such notes or cards that are meant to keep the distributor on track often turns it into a boring show. If you bore your clients you will not make the sale.

presentation tips

If there is one thing your team and your customers will not tolerate it is being bored!

Presentation Tip: Ask More Questions

The best party plan presentation tip I can give you is to ask questions and engage your audience.

Keeping an audience engaged in a sales presentation is a huge challenge for any sales professional. One method that is used to sustain an audience’s attention is to ask questions during the presentation. But, as with anything else associated with the art of sales, there is a good way and a bad way to ask questions during a sales meeting.

Keep “Are There Any Questions” To a Limit!

Unfortunately, too many sales professionals think that persistently asking if there any questions from the audience qualifies as engaging the group in meaningful conversation. While you could ask the audience if there are any questions once during a presentation, don’t repeat it!

Help Customers to Visualize the Offering

During the course of a presentation, it is perfectly acceptable to ask the audience if they can just picture themselves benefiting from your offering.

This comes in the form of questions like:

  • How would you wear this?
  • What would your family use this for?
  • Can you think of anyone who would look perfect in this outfit?

This is actually one of the more effective direct selling strategies. You may not get a lot of verbal responses, but if you ask this question often enough in a variety of applicable forms, then you will get many members of the audience to start picturing your offering in their company or their lives.

When someone does answer, such as saying, “yes, my neice would love that!” then you follow with another question that would develop her response further. “Why do you say that, Lisa?” would be appropriate. This becomes a form of a testimonial to the others in the room and is very effective marketing!

Look Customers In The Eyes

When you ask more questions at your next sales presentation, you will get more responses if you looking people in the eyes when you ask. Eye contact is key to engagement. You should look everyone in the eyes at least once during your presentation.

Ask Questions for Them

If you do a sales presentation often enough, you will start to get questions at various spots in the process no matter what audience you are in front of.

You should make notes on what kinds of questions you are getting and when you are getting them so that you can include them in your presentation.

For example, if people keep asking why your product is orange, you can include the answer to the question “Are you wondering why it is orange?” in your presentation.

This is something that will always get you a positive response and it will make people feel more comfortable with what you are saying as you address their concerns as you go along.

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If you want to drive revenue, then create a powerful sales presentation.

Asking your audience questions will get them involved in the presentation and interested in buying your offerings. The more you ask the more you will realize which ones work to increase engagement and sales!