Online Game For Parties

Posted on May 15th, 2017 by The DSWA

Pretty much anything you do at home party offline can be modified and used in your online events.

The envelope game is a perfect example.

Envelope Online Game

Brightly colored envelopes are filled with special booking gifts and dates are posted on the outside, then when someone picks a date they get the bonus gift.
Onlne Game
The same technique can be used in Facebook parties as well.

Take a picture of you with the envelopes fanned out. Then take pictures of you holding each envelope’s prize. Include the colored envelope with each prize.

Play Pick A Day – Pick A Prize

Do your bookings post with the image of the multiple envelopes then when parties are booked and dates are picked do a big reveal. Post the picture of each envelope’s prize in reply to the date selection with great fan fare!

Make sure you give other benefits of booking in the post, including extra credit for today’s host.

Normally the closer in tight the date is the better the prize so if you have a close date to fill tell them so and give a bigger prize!
You may also want to include an incentive for live parties if you would like to date offline parties too!

Something simple posted in the comments as people pick there envelopes will turn some into offline parties.

“Live events get an extra half priced item – Is that a virtual party or a LIVE party @Lisa?”

This online game will guarantee multiple bookings on every party!

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