Tips To Keep The Audience’s Attention

Posted on June 17th, 2019 by The DSWA

It is important to develop and plan your presentation to keep the audience’s attention.

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How To Keep The Audience’s Attention

A good home party includes fun! Whether you use joked, story-telling, games or just move around and laugh, make sure to put FUN in your presentation!

Keep Your Show Simple

If your products that require a little bit of technical overview, then save the deep technical stuff for the people who really want to hear it. Always keep your presentations simple and to the point. Read your product information and determine what information your customers need to know in order to make a buying decision. Then share that information in a way that shows the clients how it benefits them or changes their lives.

The majority of your presentation should focus on what the product means to them, not the technical aspects!

At the end of the presentation, you can encourage people with more detailed or technical questions to ask you one on one.

Product Displays To Keep Attention

A good presentation uses displays and hands-on demonstrations to help keep people’s attention. When you are explaining a product to an audience, it always helps to have the product in your display kit and anything you can actually put in their hands will be impactful too.

Change Voice Inflection

If you want to lose your audience quickly, then speak in a monotone voice. Your presentation voice inflection should go up and down.

  • Talk loud then quiet.
  • Talk seriously then jokingly.

If you want to keep them listening, then change up the voice inflection and avoid putting them to sleep.

It takes a deliberate decision and a constant practicing to change your presentation inflections.

Tempo To Keep Audience Attention

The ideal way to present your information is to talk in a tempo that makes it easy to understand you, but avoid dragging on about the same product for too long. That is why it is critical that you keep each product description brief.

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Keep the tempo of your presentations moving along, but do not go so fast that you are losing people. Watch the audience when you are talking to make sure that everyone is following what you are saying.

  • Talk slow then fast.
  • Talk uphill then talk downhill.

Get The Audience Involved

The best way to keep an audience’s attention is to keep them involved in what is going on.

  • Ask audience members to come up and help you demonstrate a product.
  • Don’t forget to circulate your product samples throughout the audience as you speak. People love to touch!
  • Ask questions and expect and wait for answers.
  • Ask questions that require a raising of hands then raise yours first.

Presentation skills take practice and planning. The larger the audience the more exaggerated you must act.

If you plan your presentation properly you should be able to keep the audience’s attention, get more bookings and sell more product.

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