Host Coaching In The 21st Century = Service

Posted on August 21st, 2017 by Deb Bixler

Sales is a service business and host coaching  is the best service you can provide to your host.

A happy host is a repeat host and the successful direct sellers of the 21st century will merge old school and new school.

For starters, don't eliminate half the world's population as potential hosts by using the female term hostess. The gender-neutral attitude of today should carry over into your home business!

If you are still using the word hostess then turn over a new leaf in 2017 and step up to the times! The term host will attract both men and women to hold parties.

Host Coaching In The 21st Century

The virtual party is all the rage. Your host is using texts for invites. You are texting your host coaching appointments. Nobody answers their phone. Facebook parties are where it’s at....

We hear it all but the fact is that those distributors who are able to marry the best parts of old school coaching and virtual coaching will have the highest show attendance, sales and get more bookings at every party!

hostess coaching

In an era when people crave customer service, consultants must meet their clients on their own ground and connect using the good old fashioned 3-contact system of customer service.

The old school technique of host coaching by calling and sending physical – in the mail - postcards to reinforce the phone call conversation points still works.

  • Contact #1: The overview of how to have a successful show
  • Contact #2: Now is the time to mail the invitation and tell everyone to bring a guest and collect orders from those who cannot make it.
  • Contact #3: Details for travel, set up, and reminder phone calls.

If you never make an attempt, of course they won't answer the phone! They DO answer the phone for friends. Friends do talk in real life occasionally!

It is important for you to be a friend!

Everyone loves to get something that is not junk mail in the mailbox. Your post cards will be well received.

Contact System Via Virtual

Incorporate a solid 3 contact system of connecting with your host with real phone calls and real postcards then dovetail that with each client’s preferred technology!

Your Facebook messages, emails or text will reinforce the 3-contact system.

  • An old school question to ask when you book the party is 'what is the best time to reach you?'
  • A good new school question to ask is 'what is your preferred method of communication?'

The consultant who asks both questions, then goes on to say that they like to have one or two actual phone conversations as well as utilizing (text, Facebook, whatever they said) will have the best shows.

Make the first follow up appointment for contact number one at the time they book and ensure that the show is a success.

Host coach virtual parties too! Just because it is a virtual event does not mean you are a customer service slacker!!

Direct sellers who merge technology and old school techniques are the ones who have the best shows whether they are virtual parties or LIVE parties.

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