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Posted on December 10th, 2018 by Deb Bixler

Make a plan to keep audience attention so that your presentation is more effective.

Just like with live stage performances, not every home party plan presentation you give is going to be a winner. You will run across some presentations where you seem to be losing the audience. To say that it happens in the home party business is not an exaggeration. But it happens much less often to experienced consultants.

There are some excellent ways to handle an inattentive audience, but nothing beats being prepared to give the best presentation possible and learn how to see the warning signs of a presentation that is starting to get away.

Practice To Keep Audience Attention!

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A good presentation is one based on a lot of experience, good scripts and PRACTICE.

Even if you do not have any events scheduled, you should get your friends, family or stuffed animals together and run through the party presentation.You want to develop ways of getting your audience's attention right off the bat and keeping it for the entire program.

You want to set the proper tone with your presentation opening with a good script. Guests like to know what they can expect in regard to time and if you start off with a bang, you will get their attention from the first moment. A little humor or surprise to get their attention is always effective, before you get to your professional product displays.

Script Your Show - Have A Zinger Ready

Scripting your different lines during the show will really help you when the time comes to pull someone back in.

One of the things that can get your presentation off course quickly is one or two people in the audience that seem to find their own conversation more interesting that your presentation. Once again, being prepared is your best weapon and you always want to have some kind of zinger at the ready for people who are trying to derail your speech.

A zinger is something that makes an immediate impact and gives people a reason to stop talking and pay attention. More than likely, your talkers are probably in a giggling mood, so bringing out a controversial product is not going to help. But pointing out the importance of your information will cause those around the talkers to be quiet.

For example, giving a statistic on how many relationships you have personally seen salvaged by your products and your expertise is always a good zinger to get the audience's attention and quiet the talkers.

Home Party Humor

Humor will always get an audience's attention at any home party no matter what is going on. It takes time to find the jokes and humorous stories that can bring a listless presentation crowd to life. But once you find those good stories and jokes, you should memorize them to be available when things start going bad.

Listening to what your audiences says is a good way to find new humorous lines to use in future shows.

Audience Attention With Party Plan Training

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The CashFlowShow - Home Party Plan Presentation System takes you through the planning of your presentation step by step to insure that you make as much money possible and keep the attention of your audience at the show.

The only way you let your home party plan presentation get away from you is if you are not properly prepared. A prepared party consultant has ways of turning an inattentive audience to a buying crowd of anxious customers.

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