A Fun Direct Sales Party Game

Posted on December 26th, 2010 by Deb Bixler

Blind Auction Direct Sales Party Game

If you're looking for a way to amp up participation and excitement during your next direct sales party, why not try a blind auction game? It's simple and fun and also rewards those who work the hardest to make your event a smashing success

All you'll need to get started is play money (which you can purchase at most Dollar Stores or raid from your children's board games), two gifts for every five or six guests who attend and wrapping paper to increase the element of surprise. It's VITAL that you actually wrap the gifts before the auction begins.

Increase Direct Sales Orders - Increase Bookings

You can talk up your blind auction during host coaching and throughout the show to increase orders and bookings. The fun of the auction begins as you collect the orders and takes place after all of the orders have been completed. You start doling out the pretend $100.00 bills as your guests pay. First, start out by giving everyone who attended $100. Then, give $200 for anyone who decided to bring along a friend. If someone placed an order, throw in another $100. If their order was over $40.00, give them $200. If they decided to pay at the party versus being billed later, throw in an additional $200. If someone books their own party, throw in a $200 auction money incentive. If they book within the next two weeks, make it a $300 auction bonus. If they want to become a demonstrator (and they need to have had an opportunity to inquire and sign up for more information about starting their own direct sales business BEFORE the auction process begins or is even announced), reward them with $500 worth of bonus money.

Once all of the money has been distributed, your next step is to actually begin the auction. The trick here is to build a sense of mystery and anticipation that gets everyone excited and ready to start bidding. Since no one has any idea what the wrapped gifts are, in their imagination, it could be anything. Play on that sense of adventure to encourage the bidding to begin in earnest. Since excitement is a critical component of the direct sales business, this really shouldn't be much of a chore. Obviously, the highest bidder wins the gift.  However, it's up to you to decide if the winner can open the present as soon as they get it, or further add excitement by adding in the element of the "White Elephant Gift Exchange" at the end.

Home Party Plan Business Games Book

Either way, the blind auction is bound to be a great way to send your event attendees off into the world with a positive experience and great stories to share about your home party show.  All home party games should bring value to your business.  You, the consultant should have an increase in sales so that the host benefits go up and the commission does to but the most important thing is that your guests have fun. Your guests will not tolerate being bored, so make sure your games are fun and exciting. Get the FREE "talking" e-book on powerful Direct Sales Party Games!

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