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Posted on December 12th, 2012 by Deb Bixler

Support Home Business Owners Shop Direct Sales

Imagine if every direct seller bought half their holiday gifts from another direct seller!

What would that do for the industry! WOW!

Holiday Shopping With Direct Sales

With the holidays fast approaching, it’s time to start shopping. Many shoppers don’t think twice about where they make their purchases, and go the generic retail route to fulfill the wish lists of all their family and friends. But if a person were to think of any direct sales consultants they know before they shop, they would know they were in for a real treat.

Why shop direct sales over retail?

For starters, direct selling is beneficial to both the customer and the home-based business owner.

When a person shops via direct sales, they are able to get that one-on-one customer contact that enables them to purchase exactly what they want based upon their needs and personality.

Also, a person who pursues direct selling for their shopping needs gets the added bonus of acquiring unique purchases that they can’t find in any retail store. The home-based business benefits as well with a positive sale that can keep them in business for years to come.
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What’s even better about direct selling when shopping is the fact that a person gets to choose from items that they like, and be kept in mind for future purchases. Any owner of a home-based business knows that their customers are their bread and butter when it comes to direct sales, which means any person who shops directly can be treated like royalty every time they want to make a purchase. They can even get placed on a mailing list so they can receive updates when items become available that they may show interest in based on past purchases.

Direct Selling Avoids Crowds!

No one likes the hassle of shopping during the holidays. The crowds, the lack of personal connection with service, and too much advertisement to entice people to buy, buy, buy in the retail industry is enough to make anyone’s head spin. To the retail industry, a person is just a wallet looking to fork over their money. For a more relaxing shopping experience that allows you to feel welcome, wanted, and lets you know your money is supporting small business, give direct sales shopping a try, and change the way you shop forever.

Direct Sales Companies I Love!

I love all direct sales companies but I have a Pin Board called Direct Sales Companies I Love and it is the “mall” for direct selling.

Head on over there and buy a gift from a direct seller to support a home business owner!

—-> NOTE: I am not a consultant for any of the companies on the Pin Board…. I am only encouraging you to support each other!

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