Blogging For Direct Sales

Posted on January 29th, 2018 by Deb Bixler

Most direct sales consultants feel that blogging for their business is too much work an/or not going to pay off….

Your direct sales company’s replicated site is almost 100% duplicate content. Search engines do not feature more than one result of the same content. Your affiliate site is a reproduction of your corporate site as well as all the other direct sellers in your company’s websites so it is difficult for your website to show up in the search results.

A blog can do what your direct sales company site can not do because you can create unique content that appeals to the keywords that your niche clients are searching for.

When blogging for direct sales you will boost your direct sales business by creating a desire in your customer to own the products while at the same time setting you up as an authority on your topic.

Blogging For Direct Sales Business

What value can you bring to your ideal customers?

Think about your blog sort of like a niche magazine that your clients would read. Your posts should sound less like sales pitches and more like helpful tips.

  • If you are a cosmetic distributor then helpful posts about applying makeup and other beauty tips can bring the interested reader back over and over again.
  • If you sell kitchen implements, a cooking blog can show you using these implements to create your masterpieces. The woman who follows you for cooking advice will readily take your advice on choice of tools.
  • If you sell nutritional supplements, a fitness blog provides many opportunities to advise your customers on the proper purchases to achieve your results.

Blogging To Build Up Suspense

You will have many opportunities to create suspense and tell a story on your blog.

Maybe you are getting ready to attend a convention, you have a large party looming, or you just heard about a new product that will be released soon – whatever it is, weave some bits of the story into your posts so your readers get drawn into the narrative.

Even personal events can become part of a seamless blog pitch.

A consultant who will be the maid of honor at her sister’s wedding can create an entire series of posts relating her current personal events to beauty techniques.
By the time the day arrives, readers will be begging to see the wedding photos. And of course, every photo is an opportunity to talk about the makeup.

Direct sellers who blog set themselves apart from all the other distributors in the eyes of the search engines because their topics and content are unique and that is what Google is looking for!

Consider blogging as one more aspect of your social media marketing plan!

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