Automated Sales Techniques?

Posted on June 26th, 2017 by Deb Bixler

Automated sales techniques take the ART out of direct sales!!

Today I got my third automated recruiting call  stating that I signed up for learning more about a business opportunity, which I did not.

A week never goes by without at least one call from someone marketing their opportunity with me.  When real people, actually call me, then I do not mind so much.  You have to give them credit for trying.  As long as the caller respects my answer and accepts ‘no thank you, I am not interested’  it is perfect, but most often they continue to sell their opportunity.

Direct Sales Consultants – Accept No For An Answer!

When a potential customer or lead says ‘no thank you, I am not interested’ that is a clue to the sales consultant to say ‘cool, I can respect that’ rather than continuing to tell why it is so important that I listen to the special or watch their video.

Last week I got a call asking if I would be interested in learning more about something-or-other and I said ‘no I am not interested in actively growing a sales organization because I am actively marketing my speaking and training business.’

The direct seller  proceeded to share why what he had to offer would be good for my business and would I speak with his boss (read between the lines: upline).  I stated very clearly that I had absolutely no interest in an opportunity or recruiting interview and he assured me that whatever he was marketing would benefit Deb the motivational speaker and sales trainer.

So, being an open-minded individual, I said OK and we had an appointment for the next day.

Sales Technique – Get Your Upline On The Call

When he called back with the “boss”, they used the classic recruiting technique for recruiting or a phone sales interview by getting the upline on the call.

I  told the “boss” that I had made it clear the day before that I was not interested and the “boss” continued to go on about this video he wanted me to watch. Neither one of them could accept NO for an answer!

Teach your team the difference between a firm no and a no – maybe response!

It is really the automated sales technique that aggravate me the most, though.

I know for a fact that I did not ask for or sign up for any list. The recordings do not give you an opportunity to opt-out of future calls either.  Today the call I got was the same exact call that I got the past three days.

Do people REALLY sign up from an automated message that sends you to a website?

This certainly takes the ART out of selling!

Direct Sales VS Telemarketer?

Don’t let technology take the ART out of your direct sales techniques! Read more on Deb’s Cash Flow Show website about the definition of marketing!

Network marketers using the phone system and and automated technology have stooped as low as a tele-marketer whose job it is to ignore the real NO and just plow along. This total disregard for the emotional connection is what gives telemarketers and network marketers a bad name.

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