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Posted on May 1st, 2017 by The DSWA


A strong company is one that develops a network of business partners to help expand their exposure to opportunities.

This holds true for direct sellers too!

The strongest relationships with business partners occur with partners who compliment what your company does. For example, networking in general with all businesses is a good thing and yet collaboration with other direct sellers will be more powerful and lead to an to increase in revenue.

Seek Out Networking Contacts

When you join networking groups you will develop a support system that brings others’ skills to your business. Leveraging the many personalities found in a networking group is one of the surest ways for everyone to achieve more.

Vendor events or trade shows are another great way to seek out and find networking contacts. Go to the events not only to find new customers but to network with the other vendors to find support systems.

Avoid the pitfall that many direct sellers make… don’t fear collaboration. Seek out business partners to develop a network of business contacts that you can rely on. Networking is a give and take situation.

The strongest business relationships are based on a mutual understanding and respect for one another. By going into it with a give more than you get attitude, it becomes easier to establish strong and beneficial relationships.

Collaboration Means Referrals

Some complimentary business relationships can be based on geographic boundaries instead of product offerings.

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If you constantly get leads for business in the southern portion of your state but you are unable to work in that region, then you can find a networking contact in that area that gets referrals for your region and swap leads.

By taking the proper steps towards creating a strong relationship with business partners, your company, business or team can get one step closer to the success you have always dreamed of.

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