Hear More Yeses!

Posted on January 23rd, 2017 by Deb Bixler

Practice this simple system and you will hear more yeses!

The most successful direct sellers are those who hear no the most often. Massive effort will always result in massive results. You must hear MANY nos to hear any yeses!

Hear More Yeses!

These 4 steps will increase your odds of a yes.

Practice this simple strategy and you will hear yes more and no less.

  1. Develop rapport by asking questions that require a positive answer: This can be a straight forward yes or a positive statement. A couple of examples might be: Have you ever heard of XYZ Company? or What is your favorite product? or Did you have a good time?
  2. Share what’s in it for them first: Most sales reps share what’s in it for them after the potential client says no…. Instead during your rapport building session tell them what is in it for them. April is a terrific time to host a show because…. or All of the hosts I have done shows for have gotten at least $180 free products….
  3. Compliment the potential host: You’d be a terrific host! or I’d love to do a show with you! or You have a beautiful home.
  4. Pop the question: Ask Would you like to host a show? or Have you ever thought about hosting a show to earn free products? or Would you like my business card?

Most new sales reps just walk up to people and ask them to host a show.

When you follow this simple 4 step process you will get more yeses.

The skill of following this system will get easier with practice. From now on every time you hear a no, as you leave the conversation, think back to these steps and analyze your conversation.

Think about what you can do different next time. It will only be a short time until you are an awesome scheduler!

The Secret To More Yeses

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