Working Live is an integrated technology platform that brings to direct sales professionals proprietary, well-known and established business tools such as Zoom to help make network marketing professionals more successful. Working Live has partnered with Zoom to bring an exclusive offer to independent business consultants.

More Sales. More Associates. Work Live!

Network Marketers can be face to face with their customers or team anywhere in the world.

Leaders can stream Zoom Webinars LIVE to Facebook.

Distributors can set up Three-Way Video Calls or Chat with their new recruits and upline.

With Working Live’s integrated platform, distributors can send out personalized and branded invites to customers or prospects prior to their meetings. The platform also makes available “comment shopping” where customers can simply type “buy” in the comment section of the Facebook Live to receive a personalized buying link.

Working Live Platform includes Zoom Enterprise and Zoom Webinar Plans in one simple offering.

To take advantage of this offer:

  • Become a DSWA Member at ($8.95 per month or $89 per year).
  • Sign in and visit the DSWA Membership Benefits page.
  • Click the WorkingLive link and use the password found on that Benefits page.