The 27%er Success System has been created by The Network Marketing Magazine founded by George Madiou. He has a Vision of providing the ultimate resource for anyone in the Direct Sales / Network Marketing Industry. We have created this 27%er Success System to resolve the mystery of how to achieve REAL financial success in your business. The kind of success that you envisioned when you joined your company in the first place! We tapped into the wisdom of the ages that was written about for years in the magazine.

The magazine has over 200 authors such as some of the greatest teachers and trainers in the industry like, Jim Rohn, Zig Ziglar, Denis Waitly and many more. The magazine is like a success library with over 3,000 articles, downloads, videos and Mp3’s to assist you in growing your Direct Sales, Party Plan or Network Marketing business.

Rather than reading over 3,000 articles to taste success in your business, we created the 27%er Success System. We culled through all of this information, that we have gathered, going on well into our second decade, into a 15 minute a day program. This 27%er Success System will equip you to generate 27%more income, or greater, when you apply these wisdom of the ages teachings!

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