The Success in Networking / Network Marketing Magazine founders, George Madiou, has a Vision of providing the ultimate resource for anyone in the Direct Sales / Network Marketing Industry.

The magazine has over 200 authors with 1000’s of articles, downloads and Mp3’s to assist you in growing your Direct Sales, Party Plan or Network Marketing business, sharing the benefits of the business with prospects or providing insightful training to your team members.

In his Best Selling book, “Think and Grow”, Napoleon Hill discusses the Power of a Master Mind group and how extremely successful people throughout history have been part of such a Group.

The Magazine provides a Mastermind Group for anyone through articles and wisdom imparted by the many successful authors, trainers and leaders that contribute monthly!

Members of the DSWA can receive an Annual Pro Membership Subscription along with 1 Year of advertising in the Leaders Classified section of the magazine for only $19.97 (valued at over $300.00)

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