Susanne Felker

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  • Canada
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Nearly 35 years ago Susanne took a leap of faith and joined a new Direct Selling Company in Canada, Mary Kay Cosmetics.  As Mary Kay was virtually unknown in Canada at that time there was much to prove in those fledgling years.  Susanne decided that the best way to prove what her company stood for was to strive for Excellence and overcome her own personal challenges.  The best way to show excellence in her mind was to develop other leaders and give them the training and belief they need to move forward and to develop others as well.  This striving for excellence took her to her Company’s top position, the position of National Sales Director.

As a motivational speaker and trainer Susanne has addressed and trained large groups in and outside of her own company. She is very excited to be able to support all those in the Direct Selling world.

With retirement from her Company around the corner, Susanne attended and graduated from the DSWA’s Coach Excellence Certification Program.  “I felt I just wanted to continue to touch women’s lives in a positive way and coaching was just a natural fit for me”.  Women in Direct Sales all share a desire for balance in their lives while they achieve financial and professional success. They Do want to have it All.  I want to show them that they can move past whatever holds them back and attain the Dreams they have for themselves and their families.  “Both of my children grew up in a Direct Sales household and it is my belief that what they saw growing up had an impact on both of their very successful careers”.

If any of these desires are on your wish list be sure to contact Susanne:

  • overcome your internal roadblocks
  • have your Direct Sales business become more financially secure
  • move up to a management level
  • learn to work smart, not hard
  • have a speaker who does not just motivate, but backs that motivation with substance

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