Smart Office Solutions strives to be a true partner to clients, with experience servicing the evolving needs of the MLM industry. The modern workforce is no longer confined to a single building or location, with over 30 million home offices in operation across America. Our full-featured conferencing solutions help leaders and their teams of independent agents communicate easily and effectively. With four 24-hour facilities in the United States, businesses can conference remote audiences of more than 8,000 callers simultaneously. With the addition of 24/7 conference replay lines, Smart Office Solutions’ conferencing services are used for recruitment, training, and marketing to agents across the nation and around the world.

• Large Conference Calling (1 participant phone #)
• Toll-Free & Flat-Rate Services
• Advanced Cloud-Based Management Tools
• On-Demand Playback Lines
• Download High-Quality Audio Files
• Branded Conference Greetings

Smart Office Solutions features the most up-to-date technologies and offers premium SMS marketing services to the MLM industry. SOS’s text-messaging tools connect your team with contacts on-the-go, increasing sales and boosting conference attendance. With SMS marketing, important announcements and event updates can be delivered instantly or on a pre-scheduled calendar for later delivery. Smart Office Solutions helps businesses communicate better, faster, empowering the 21st century MLM community.

• Send 100,000+ Messages In Seconds
• Customized Keywords
• Detailed Reporting & Statistics
• Scheduled & Recurring Messaging Abilities
• Two-Way Messaging
• Small Business, Enterprise, & API Solutions

DSWA Members Get 250 Free SMS Marketing Messages

Smart Office Solutions wants to thank the entrepreneurs of the DSWA by offering 250 free SMS messages to DSWA members. Increase your sales, boost promo response, and keep your team in the loop via SMS marketing. Call (800) 891-8601 to start your SMS marketing campaign today.