Ryan Hill

  • Spring, TX
  • USA
  • 989-397-8132
Email: ryan@dswa.org

Ryan grew up in Saginaw, Michigan, a mid-sized city on the east side of the state near Lake Huron’s Saginaw Bay. He is the third of 5 children in a very competitive family. Winning was very important in the Hill house. Ryan has fine-tuned his competitiveness, but drive, hard work and a job done well have been properly ingrained.

Ryan is married to Nicki, a successful business owner, and they have two children. Morgan (19), an aspiring teacher, and Aidan (16), a 3 sport student athlete, is a junior in high school.

For two decades Ryan lived his dream of being a teacher, a coach, and an administrator in private/parochial schools in Texas and in Michigan. Working with students of all ages, from Kindergarten through 8th grade, Ryan has had rich experiences learning with and from children. Engaging students through word pictures and enthusiastic questioning is how he brought energy to his lessons. In so many ways, working with children has been the most rewarding work he’s done. His goals are to transfer that inquisitive and energetic disposition to his training and coaching.

In his career, Ryan also had a wider opportunity to serve his school system through training and working with school leaders and teachers in a variety of ways. Ryan is seen as a leader by his colleagues in both the educational and the leadership environment. Serving organizations and leaders through vision planning, goal setting, and working together to achieve at a high level are Ryan’s passions.

As a DSWA Certified Trainer or Certified Coach, it would be a privilege to serve you or your organization. I look forward to supporting you in your next big success!