We take photos and make them personal again. Users can make them into cards, announcements, invitations, photo books, business cards, canvas wraps, and posters, complete with custom messages—things that connect them to the person on the other end. Pixingo turns technology into real connections with messages that are “liked” for more than just a day. It’s person to person, and it lasts.

Personal publishing with Pixingo is very affordably priced and easy to share. When a Pixingo Pro starts to share what she has created, people ask, “How did you do that?” Some will ask, “Can I do what you do?”

That’s when she teaches them how to create personal projects, and when she tells them how to go Pro. Every time she helps someone enroll, she can earn up to $100 in bonuses.

Pros earn 5% to 10% of their team purchases up through eight generations, and increasing rank achievement bonuses as they grow with Pixingo. They earn up to 30% on everything their customers purchase. Pixingo Pros are their own bosses, plus they get rewarded and recognized for their accomplishments.

Pixingo offers people a service and a business that improve relationships and home life.