Natalie Richardson found direct sales over 20 years ago as a new Mom looking for a discount on some of her favorite products. That discount turned into discovery of the power of direct selling to change lives and serve people through life changes. When divorce changed Natalie’s life, she pursued a corporate role in direct sales to support her two young boys as a single mom.

As part of her corporate role, Natalie supported field leaders and developed her expertise in leadership development, teambuilding and strategy. Coaching leaders became a passion that ultimately led her to pursue certification with the DSWA as a coach and trainer.

A single mom for 10 years, Natalie knows the challenges that come with co-parenting, being a working parent and trying to juggle it all. Now a remarried mother of two grown boys, Natalie is a full-time coach who specializes in supporting women to craft their vision, create the life they want, and when necessary, redefine who they are. In addition to being a DSWA Certified Coach and a DSWA Certified Trainer, Natalie is also a CDC® Certified Divorce Coach.

Natalie is known for her empathy and compassion as a coach, her creativity and intuition as a leader and her humor and quick wit as a trainer and presenter.

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