The handwritten note is a time-tested proven business tool, and My Heart Beats cards were designed by a direct selling leader specifically for the direct selling leader. And that makes them the most powerful option for you to use to build your business.

People communicate all the time and everyone is inundated with emails, social media and text messages that are unread or easily forgotten. But the handwritten note is the only written communication that consistently makes someone stop and take notice. It’s personal. It’s lasting. It’s impactful.

When you use My Heart Beats cards, you’ll find phone calls are easier because customers and contacts remember you and feel appreciated by you. You’ll have a stronger connection with your team and recognition is more personal. Your team’s motivation is more consistent which in turn fuels their businesses. And when you train on and model the power of the handwritten note to your team members , they’ll experience the same wonderful benefits as you.

We want it to be as easy as possible for you to implement My Heart Beats cards into your business. We offer a subscription program so that you can save 50% off the individual card price and always have cards on hand. We have a free ebook that was written by our founder that explains how she used the handwritten note to build productive teams and earn every incentive trip she was eligible for. The book also includes outlines for all of your note-writing occasions. And we offer in-person and virtual trainings to help your teams.