Leapfactor is a global company that develops easy-to-use, scalable cloud-based mobile applications. Salesfactor, Leapfactor’s flagship mobile app is specifically designed specifically for direct sales.

Salesfactor boost sales execution, freeing reps from their desktops and allowing them to quickly access catalogs, take orders, process credit card payments, provide real-time training, genealogy reporting, and easily enroll new recruits from any mobile device. As a true business building tool, reps use the expertly curated content to better handle encounters, increase their brand expertise, effectively tell their story and save precious time.

The App simplicity promotes its use and increases the number of touches per rep, resulting on double digits revenue growth without compromising on security, performance or scalability. Leapfactor enables Sales reps to better engage with customers while on the go across industries and create the best user experience for sales people, managers, partners and customers. In the process, acquires powerful business intelligence data, derived from recorded taps and swipes to drive performance and gain insightful analytics.

Headquartered in Miami, Leapfactor provide disruptive Apps to party plan and network marketing companies alike. For additional information, please visit us at leapfactor.com