Grace co-founded the DSWA with her business partner and mother, Nicki Keohohou, more than 18 years ago. After being exposed to direct sales and entrepreneurship her entire life, Grace is now grateful to be reaching direct sellers in more than 30 countries through her speaking, writing and educational programs. Grace is a co-author of several Best Selling Books including, Build it Big, More Build it Big, and Mom Entrepreneur Extraordinaire.

She is a Certified Coach with the Coach Excellence School and WABC (Worldwide Association of Business Coaches) Certified Business Coach™ (CBC™). She recently received the honor of being named the National Advocate of the Year for Working Mothers. Grace loves being a devoted wife, mother of 8 amazing children and enjoys serving profitable corporations, educators, leading executives, non-profit organizations, and direct selling professionals.


“Grace Keohohou was the highlight of our recent Leadership seminar. Her spirit of generosity and caring nature served as an inspiration to our leaders. She has the ability to connect and engage her audience through the art of story-telling in context of principle-centred coaching. The reflection by the leadership group on our last day confirmed that they were touched, motivated and encouraged by her words and most importantly compelled to implement what they had learned.”

Anne Petracca
Director of Sales Marketing and Business Development

“Thank you so much for your time… We practice using the virtual coaching skills we have learned by using phrases such as ‘what are we going to focus on today?’ or ‘what would you like to walk away from this call with today?’

A topic we found very beneficial was how to set time limits & boundaries for our calls. By scheduling these in our calendars & using the appropriate phrases with our Representatives, we are finding our calls to be much more productive and impactful. Thank you again Grace!”

Mary Lee Cullen
Explorer Division Sales Manager, Avon Products, Inc.