Direct Sales Aid bridges the gap between consultants and companies.

For consultants, Direct Sales Aid offers a platform to advertise their independent business to consumers and new potential team members. Consultants can start out small and can advertise state-wide for only $5 per month. We also offer Premium listings, nationwide for $150 per month. At just $5 per day for the most effective listing, Direct Sales Aid is MORE effective than Google, Bing, Facebook/IG, combined. DSA is the best bang for a consultant’s buck, hands down.

For new companies, Direct Sales Aid offers a vehicle to launch a new direct sales company to a hungry community of seasoned direct sales veterans looking to join a new company and nearly all of them want to be a Founding Consultants and get in early. We offer 90-day, 180-day, and 1-year jumpstart programs that are more effective than Google/Bing PPC and more effective than most social media advertising spends.

Whether you’re starting a new direct sales company or are a consultant for a direct sales company, you’ll find Direct Sales Aid useful in growing your base of consultants.