Catherine Kort

  • Ventura, CA
  • USA
  • (805) 206-8663
Email: Catherine@dswa.orgSocial:

Catherine Kort has enjoyed 20+ years of success facilitating positive change in for-profit, non-profit and higher education settings as a marketing, communications and fundraising professional. She has managed a top public affairs and political consulting firm and represented the diverse interests of 80,000 alumni at a reputable private university. Currently, Catherine directs marketing and fundraising efforts for the largest non-profit provider of safety net services to more than 20,000 children and families each year in Ventura County, California. In addition to her fundraising success she is actively advocating coaching as a solution to the challenges that are associated with working in a non-profit setting through her role as a board member on the Association of Fundraising Professionals Santa Barbara Ventura Chapter.

Catherine joined DSWA with a desire to introduce coaching cultures as a distinct approach for values-driven work places to attract and retain high producing “energized” employees and loyal customers to take organizations to new, higher levels of success. She believes that too often “very good” organizations intend to develop and nurture their top leaders yet they have not been able to find a training that matches with their desire to distinguish themselves from other industry leaders. The Coach Excellence program has been embraced by billion-dollar companies across four continents as a straightforward and cost-effective method by which to inspire and ignite a highly valued workforce. What better way to distinguish your organization than to invest in your current and future top performers to grow and sustain a positive coaching culture that is based on trust, respect and a shared vision of success?


"Catherine is a results-oriented professional with tremendous integrity, is highly organized, has a terrific network, excellent communication skills and outstanding business sensibility. I have known Catherine for years, witnessed her many successes and am proud to call her a colleague."

Nancy Shonka Padberg, MBA
Founder, Navigate Boomer Media