Direct Selling Companies

We are thrilled that you are exploring some of the many opportunities available to you through the direct selling profession. The DSWA urges you to carefully research each company using the guidelines we have provided to find a company that is right for you.

DSWA’s Top Tips For Selecting a Company

  • Select a product or service that you love and would be excited to share with others.
  • Be clear about all of the start up costs and understand the ongoing sales requirements if necessary.
  • Don’t rush the decision. Create a list of companies that you would consider representing and research each one.
  • Learn about the company, their mission, vision and performance record up to this point.
  • Inquire about training programs offered to new distributors and if leadership training is provided for advancement.
  • Read all of the company literature & study the web site.
  • Talk to some distributors that represent the companies you are considering for their impressions and experience with the company.
  • Gain clarity about the compensation plan and incentives offered by the company.



Lemongrass Spa Products

Exclusive natural spa products and mineral makeup handmade for ultimate freshness in the Colorado Rockies.


LeRêve is a private, family owned, international, direct to consumer sales organisation. The Company was founded in 1988 and opened its doors in New Zealand in 1994. We supply our beauty and wellness products to consumers around the world. Our Company creed is ‘People First Always’.

Norwex Canada

Improving quality of life by radically reducing chemicals in our homes.


When the world went social, Pixingo got personal.
We do two things: Make memories matter through personal publishing and we provide a simple way for people to earn money while they do it.