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DSWA Certified Trainers


Angel Semeco

Angel Semeco is a native of Caracas, Venezuela and has lived in United States since 2012. In Venezuela. Angel was a Senior Technology Consultant for over 10 years, working for the Venezuela National Telecommunications Company, consulting and supervising national projects. After moving to the United States and prior to joining the DSWA as a coach, Angel has been and continues to act as a Social Media Expert helping direct selling companies and their distributors manage social media marketing. Angel believes that coaching helps people to focus on their goals and understand their unlimited potential, always generating a structure where the dialogue reaches a logical conclusion. He believes that coaching help people to reach their essential purpose.

Benny Salazar

Benny is an accomplished and expert coach and trainer in the Direct Selling profession for more than 20 years. He has held senior management positions in top Direct Selling companies in the United States and abroad and is a sought-after bilingual coach and public speaker.

• DSWA Certified Business Coach
• MBA, University of Texas
• MDO, University of Monterrey
• Certified Life & Executive Coach, IMPEL/ICC

John Hackett, Ed.D.

John is an accomplished and experienced coach, trainer, and leader in a variety of nonprofit and direct sales settings. John has 45 years of professional experience serving as professor, licensed counselor, and high school administrator, as well as a university administrator.

Mike Forrest

Mike engages leaders to dive into their created design and gain vision for their businesses and lives. For over 20 years he has worked with leaders in direct sales, corporate management, non-profit and local business. Mike’s experience with corporate operations and public speaking provides a unique combination of business mindedness with inspirational leadership.

Natalie Jordan

Natalie's many years of working directly with corporate leaders has given her the unique ability to not only develop individual training, but to aid in developing and achieving personalized organization wide goals.

Olga & Fernie Torres

Olga is a DSWA Certified Trainer and Certified Coach. She has over 27 years of experience as a direct selling professional. She was a leader in the field and held corporate positions in one of the world’s largest global direct selling companies. Olga has grown both Spanish and English speaking sales teams. She trains all of DSWA’s programs in both languages. Fernie worked closely with his wife in her role as a field leader and corporate sales manager. He also was a very successful managing partner for a Fortune 500 company. He worked for 34 years as Managing Partner in retail where he trained and mentored hundreds of team members throughout his decorated career. He is specializing in training/coaching direct sellers, entrepreneurs and retail professionals.

Ryan Hill

For two decades Ryan lived his dream of being a teacher, a coach, and an administrator in private/parochial schools in Texas and in Michigan. In so many ways, working with children has been the most rewarding work he’s done. His goals are to transfer that inquisitive and energetic disposition to his training and coaching. Ryan is seen as a leader by his colleagues in both the educational and the leadership environment. His passions are serving organizations and leaders through vision planning, goal setting, and working together to achieve at a high level.