Try, Try Again: A Lesson in Perseverance

Posted on October 10th, 2014 by Kerry Shea

Whether embarking on a new adventure or just pushing through the ups and downs of your everyday roller coaster, perseverance is a must-needed trait.

So how do you do it?

perseveranceWhen fear of failure halts your progress or your enthusiasm gets beaten down by one too many no’s, what can you do to keep going and keep your dream alive?

1. If you are failing, you are trying.
Do nothing and you’ll get nothing. Whether it’s fear or lack of confidence or thinking you need to have all the answers to start, just start by doing something. Try something, anything – just try. Some things are going to work and some aren’t – that’s inevitable. But if you aren’t trying, you know exactly where you’ll be in the end – at the starting line.

2. Every disaster is ripe with lessons.
So you’ve tried something and it didn’t work? Great! Look at what you did. Were there parts that did work? Give yourself a fist bump. The parts that didn’t? Try again and do something different. So what if it takes 10 failures to get the result you want (see #1).

3. There’s someone out there who did it (or is doing it now, too). Find them.
Take some time to research the world you are jumping into and make friends. With social media, meet-ups, clubs, and an organization for every single industry you can imagine, your mentor is out there. Reach out. You’d be surprised how open to helping you succeed a new contact could be.

4. Be that someone for the next person.
Throughout your journey, you are going to learn so much (see #2 and #3). Pay it forward. Be a mentor for someone else. Share your best practices and biggest flops. Take the call from that newbie who wants to learn from you. You’ll be so glad you did.

5. Remember why you started this journey in the first place.
With your nose to the grindstone it’s easy to sometimes lose sight of why you started. Freedom from the corporate cubicle, the dream vacation fund, or the joy of leading others – whatever it is for you… keep it in front of you. Literally! Create a dream board, a visual roadmap of your why, and keep it front in center of your workspace.

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