A recent discussion with a group of direct selling leaders about guilt as a motivating factor presented these 5 solid gold nuggets of wisdom! Understand them and make a plan to stop feeling guilty!

  • Guilt is not productive.

When we work from a sense of guilt, we feel resentful.

That leads us to complete the job as quickly as we can but seldom gets our best.

Stop Feeling Guilty

  • Planning prevents guilt.

When we plan to take time off, we feel good about doing it rather than guilty about not working.

We can say, “I deserve this” rather than “I’m stealing time from productive tasks.”

  • Work hard, play hard.

Is there any better advice?

You know that when you come back from playing you will be re-energized to go back to working hard.

  • Use your “killing time” attitude to do “killing time” jobs.

Want to clean your office but never have the time?

  • NOW is the time! It’s a good job for now.

Want to clean up your address book?  There is NO better time.

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It’s your business.  You are doing this so you don’t have to punch a time clock.  Duh!

Agree?  Disagree?

I’d love for you to share your reactions to this in the comment section!