Do It Now! Not Tomorrow or Later!

Posted on May 13th, 2019 by The DSWA

Do It Now! Not Tomorrow or Later!

As a general rule, direct sellers are a motivated, enthusiastic and optimistic bunch. You love what you do, and you love the dream you’ve created toward which you’re working. On the other hand, you’re easily swayed and and frequently allow yourselves to become defeated.

You may have jobs that require too much of your time or husbands who put pressure on you to prove the value of your business. The kids may be demanding most of your attention top that off with a head full of negative beliefs that you think are facts. It is like a steady diet of “yea, buts…”

So, here’s the reality. You have the choice of how you want your life to look in general and in your business. Really, you do.

So, if you’re like the woman who told us she can’t get any traction in her business because her “real” job requires 60+ hours per week, just know that you’re the one who has chosen to stay in a job that requires an unreasonable amount of your time. There are no victims; only volunteers.

The same applies to the woman who feels the need to fight and justify herself to her husband in order to keep a positive attitude about her direct selling business. You don’t need to fight with him or convince him of anything. All you need to do is choose to do it and maintain laser focus. When he complains, you just say, “Thanks for sharing,” and keep your eyes on the prize.

A positive attitude and a productive strategy are both within your reach. Just choose to do what you know you should, and don’t be swayed by externals. If the externals are prohibitive, such as a job that requires too much time, decide if it’s in your best interest to keep it. Remember, nothing changes until you change it.

You can spend your whole life talking about how you can’t do something because of an external circumstance, and equal amounts of time arguing for why you can’t change that circumstance.

Whether you like it or not, you will never build a business that will give you financial freedom until you make some tough decisions and some sacrifices.

You’ll need to invest time and money now; before you reap the rewards. Those of you who are waiting to have more money or time before making that investment will never get there. That’s not how things work.

If you need training, now is the time to get it; not when you “find time.” If you need coaching, now is the time to get it; not when you “have money.” If your prosperity requires actions steps like calling on prospects, nothing will change until you take those steps.
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So, why not do it now?

  • Why not invest your time and money now?
  • Why not take the necessary actions now?

You’ve got leadership potential that needs cultivating.

Whatever you do, do it NOW.

There is no tomorrow. There is no later. If you’re not in action, you’re not empowered. Map out your steps and start taking them.

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