The A-Ha Moment By Mike Clouse

Posted on July 24th, 2017 by Guest Blogger

One of the greatest feelings for me is the a-ha moment.

That moment in which awareness is birthed, not just in my mind, but in my spirit. When suddenly several pieces of the puzzle come together to create a picture, that then gives rise to a vision that is bigger than the picture itself.

This happened for me when I discovered coaching as a profession.
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I no longer worked a job, I had a career. No more working for currency, I was following a calling. All of my strengths, gifts and abilities came together and aligned with a greater joy and purpose bigger than myself.

The A-Ha Moment

Soon after I learned that even more amazing than the feeling of having an a-ha moment for myself, is serving as a guide for someone else’s “a-ha” moment and sharing that experience with them! As a leadership development and business coach I’ve been blessed to share this experience with many over the last 6 plus years. Even when working with someone over the phone you can hear the change in their voice and feel the unmistakable pulse of energy as the lightbulb goes on and they see what’s in front of them with greater clarity. They are filled with anticipatory excitement around the direction this clarity provides and the action they will take as a result. Obstacles become opportunities and stumbling blocks become stepping stones. Healthy self-confidence grows!

This past January I started down a path to further grow and develop my skills, techniques, understanding of and approach to, coaching. This path has been paved by the Direct Selling World Alliance (DSWA) and it has certainly provided many more “a-ha” experiences, both for myself and those I am growing alongside.

Of utmost joy to me is to witness the moments in which those new to the understanding, approach and skills of coaching realize that it’s about so much more than building their direct selling business. It is about supporting each and every individual they love, serve and lead as they develop into the absolute best version of themselves possible, and accomplish things they may have never thought possible.

Coaching is more than a profession. It is more than a tool to build an organization. It is an approach to communication, discovery, understanding, awareness and supporting others in becoming everything they hoped and more. When you do that for others, you can’t help but grow right along with them. Through my work and learning within Coach Excellence School, it is apparent that the DSWA gets this, teaches this and lives this.

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Through 20 years of serving and supporting others, Mike has a wealth of experience in guiding others toward the success they seek. Through effective coaching, training and facilitation he supports those he works with in gaining the clarity, direction and confidence they seek around leadership, business and life. Mike can be reached at

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