How To Set Up At Trade Shows

Posted on July 11th, 2014 by Deb Bixler

You will find qualified leads at fairs, trade shows and business expositions when you put these simple techniques into effect in your home business.

You do not need lead generation software or some expensive marketing program when you attend a fair or vendor expo every month.

Make it a habit to attend a trade show every single month and your calendar will always be full!

Set Up At Trade Shows

The fair or expo is a perfect place to find home business leads so that you never worry about where to find business again.

When setting up for a fair or expo, remember that you are going there to work.

Set up your table at the event close to the walkway so that you can engage your guests as they approach.

These home based business tips will ensure that you bring home qualified leads from the next vendor exhibition that you attend.

  • Set your table up about 2 feet back from the “line”
  • Always stand up
  • Engage your expo guest as they approach by looking them in the eye
  • Ask an engaging question
  • Take notes
  • Follow up within 48 hours

Going to vendor events regularly are an awesome system to put into place so that you have an unlimited supply of qualified leads into your home based business.

When you constantly add new customers to your client base, you will have a solid business.  How would you like to be able to say: “sorry, my calendar is full!”

Fairs and expos bring strangers into your business and keep your business solid.  When you train your sales team to take advantage of the business expo, your team will grow.

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Qualifying leads are the to a successful vendor event!

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