Boring presentations are all too common in the business world. Giving a boring presentation is tantamount to mental abuse.

Do you want to abuse your audience?

Whether you are an executive with a large corporation or a direct sales representative giving a home party show, you want your presentations to sizzle.
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If you are not getting bookings at your home party then maybe you should analyze and reconsider your presentation technique.

Presentations need to spark interest and maintain attention in order to truly capture an audience. Here are 6 tips to help you create and deliver presentations that engage, motivate and captivate.

6 Tips To Improve Presentation

  • Use images

Our sense of sight dominates our other senses in a presentation. We remember what we see far longer than what we hear. You should always spice up your business and home party plan presentations with images.

Even if you are not using actual images, drawing pictures for your audience with stories captivates and engages the emotions.

The more captivating the images, the better.

If you do use actual images as in flip charts, etc, then use graphs. A graph is another form of image that is used to spice things up.  Graphs can be used to compare, contrast or illustrate. They serve as a perfect compliment to photos and text-based slides.

Text-based slides, power points or flip charts are rarely effective. It is fine to use a small percentage of text-based slides, but having an abundance of slides filled with text usually puts the audience to sleep.

  • Remember the ten-minute rule. Don’t know what the ten-minute rule is?

Most experts agree that attention tends to wane after ten minutes.

This doesn’t mean that you can only speak for ten minutes. However, you should have a dramatic change in your presentation every ten minutes. You can speak for ten minutes and then ask questions for ten minutes. You can speak and show images for ten minutes and then turn the video machine off and tell a humorous and interesting story for a few minutes.

  • Share the time with the audience.

Don’t stand up there and lecture for 40 minutes. Engage the audience with questions and encourage them to share their thoughts with the room. If the audience members feel as if they are a part of the presentations they will be much more likely to stay engaged and interested.

The easiest way to accomplish this is to move around. Mix with the audience rather than stand behind your table.

  • Create a presentation that flows.

Your presentation should have a beginning, a middle and an end. Just as a writer uses bullet points, a speaker should also break the presentation into specific and easy to understand thoughts and ideas. One section should connect to the next; the more seamless the transition, the more you will hold your audience.

  • Create open-ended questions.

Making inquiries of your audience is one of the best ways to keep them engaged. Asking open-ended questions (and waiting for the answer) creates even more interaction.  Answers to open-ended questions often spark more discussion and debate.

  • Use a variety of speech patterns.

Change the cadence, speed and level of your voice throughout the presentation.

Don’t be boring. Fun is a commodity that people actually are willing to pay for!


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Use these tips to avoid boring your audience.

Practice your presentation in front of the mirror or with a friend or family member.

Most people know boring when they hear it. Listen to yourself or have someone else listen to you before you go in front of team members or potential customers at a home party show.