Empowerment Workshops For Bookings

Posted on April 9th, 2018 by The DSWA

Offering empowerment workshops as another way to find business will keep your business strong by keeping you in front of the ideal audiences.

Often the products, services, tips and ideas that home party consultants represent can women take control over their lives.

Your experiences as a direct sales business owner puts you in a unique position to create empowerment workshops for others. As you develop new ways to help others, you will also be able to grow your own home consultant business by continually adding new clients.

Empowerment Workshops For Bookings

There are many types of live events which you can promote that will bring you additional bookings. Offering many different types of events will appeal to more people and provide you with additional business.
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Start promoting your empowerment workshops at all your already popular parties both online and off.  You can promote workshops in a wide variety of topics, such as:

  • Basic How To’s: These events will focus on tips you offer at your home parties that will make the lives of others easier! Examples include; how to organize the kitchen, how to pick cosmetics to match your skin or how to accessorizing for your personality. Any topic that your audience is especially interested in and you have the expertise for is a potential workshop.
  • Empowerment Workshops: I am sure you have heard of direct sales success stories who have overcome shyness or the fear of public speaking or become more confident… Those are all great workshops topics!!
  • Entrepreneurship Topics: The direct sales business has helped you financially and it will beneifti others as well. As a direct sales success you are now the expert and accredited to teach entrepreneurial-ism.

Offering workshops will be a great way to introduce what you do to new clients and expanding your business.

You can work with the women who already host events with you to set up small round-table discussions or informational seminars.

Once you present a few of these events you will find it easy to schedule more and you will see your client list and revenues grow.

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