Asking For Direct Selling Referrals

Posted on April 6th, 2015 by The DSWA

Are you asking for referrals?

It’s as simple as these 7 steps:

Ask For Direct Selling Referrals Like this:

  1. Have a clear picture of a perfect referral for you. That means, imagine their gender, age, personality type, role, etc. This is not so you limit yourself to one type but so the person making the referral can have a mental picture to work with.
  2. ask for referralsShare your commitment. “I get that you’re not interested, but I’m really motivated by helping people improve their financial situation and have personal freedom…”
  3. Ask for their assistance. “Would you be willing to help me with my mission of reaching people I can help?”
  4. Ask for specifically what you want from step one. “What I’m looking for are young mothers of one child between 5 and ten years old who are outgoing and are concerned about their finances. Do you know anybody that fits that description?”
  5. If they do, ask if they’d call that night and make an introduction. If they don’t, ask if they’d pass your name on if and when they do meet someone like that.
  6. Assure them that, just as with them, you won’t be pushy or obnoxious. You’d just like a moment of their time to present the possibility.
  7. Thank them for their willingness to help in whatever way they have.

By following this system, you’ll gain value from every conversation you have, and you’ll be more inclined to speak about your direct selling business with more people, regardless of your anticipated outcome.

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