Direct Sales Marketing Ideas

Posted on October 24th, 2016 by The DSWA

Direct sales business marketing is not complicated but it does require that a consultant be willing to go to any lengths to fill the calendar.

When you use a wide variety of lead generation systems you will definitely achieve business success!


Direct Sales Marketing = More Than Referrals

In addition to the normal referral marketing techniques that most party plan and direct sales consultants depend on, a few lead generation systems that direct sales consultants should also include are:

  • participation in social networking online and offline
  • wearing logo branded clothing
  • carrying personally branded promotional bags
  • dropping catalogs all over town
  • hanging up fliers everywhere you go
  • swap home party shows with other consultants
  • make customer service calls on a regular basis
  • get a QR code
  • go to expos regularly
  • offer workshop and fundraising events to not-for-profit groups

The list could go on for ever!

Some may seem trivial but it is the distributor who is constantly marketing and seeing the bigger picture who makes it to the top!

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Consultant Marketing The Big Picture

A direct sales consultant who looks at the big marketing picture will always have more business.

While not any one single technique listed above will FILL your calendar – add them all together and you will create a steady stream of new customers into your business.

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