Don’t Call For BOOKINGS!!!

Posted on November 2nd, 2015 by Deb Bixler

Don’t throw in the towel because you can not find bookings!!

Did someone tell you to make booking calls?

Do Booking Calls Work?

Don’t Call For BOOKINGS!

Booking calls don’t work for several reasons.

  • You are needy and the person can feel that.
  • It is overwhelming for you to make a ton of calls at once so you dread it.
  • Everyone says no when you call for bookings.

Instead of making 50 calls today, when you need bookings and getting rejection after rejection, make a plan to call 2 people a day for two weeks!

That is easier, right?

Don’t set a goal to get X number of bookings.

Set a goal to talk to 2 people a day for a set amount of days.  You can do it in small pockets of time at various times through out the day.
call for bookings
It is do-able and it’s emotionally a lot easier.

After doing that for 2 weeks, do it again!

Keep on doing it again….

That is a big impact habit!

Easy to do, so easy that you can do it every day and when you do you will get better and better at it and that little habit will make a big impact in your business.

Customer Service Call

So what should you say?

How about just asking what you can do for them and how they are enjoying their products?

Don’t ask about bookings unless you are given a window of opportunity by the customer.

Just focus on their needs!!

When you conduct customer service calls without any expectations you WILL find areas you can serve!

You WILL get bookings….

Just have a conversation and wait for that window of opportunity to serve a need then offer them something.
If that window never turns up, thank them and move on to the next.

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