Social & The Creator

FREE Zoom Class May 17, 2022 9:00 PM EST - 10:00 PM EST

Do you see Direct Sellers killing it on social media and wonder how they’re doing it?

Do you feel awkward blasting out your products on social media?

Feel like you’re spinning your wheels, spending a ton of time on it without much to show for it?

Is social marketing as a whole intimidating?

Not sure what the next big thing will be on social media?

This free class is for you (and your team)!

Nicki will host Scott Kramer, President & CEO of Multibrain, the industry-leading social marketing platform for Direct Sellers. The brains at Multibrain have been close friends of Nicki and the DSWA for many years. We’ve watched them take the Direct Selling industry by storm, where they’ve signed up many of the biggest companies to provide their social platform to their reps.

Their platform includes a social media planner (calendar) for scheduling out posts all at once, top-shelf content for reps to share, a community to share ideas with, and regular training to keep reps ahead of the pack on new stuff coming out.

There’s a reason they’ve won tons of awards over and over again: they know Direct Selling inside and out, they know social selling, and their stuff just works.

Scott’s uniquely positioned to have the most data on what works and what doesn’t in our industry. And he’s happy to share with us what he’s seeing. Content, Lives, Video, Stories, Reels… Scott will share what to do and what NOT to do with these tools.

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