How to Overcome Guilt to Invest in Yourself

FREE Zoom Class February 21, 2023 9:00 PM EST - 9:30 PM EST


Do you feel guilty at the thought of spending money investing in yourself?

This is VERY common among Direct Sellers. But for most Direct Sellers, if you don’t do it for yourself, no one else will.

As business owners, we’re often trained to look for incoming producing activities (IPAs): things you can invest time or money on and get back more than you spent. In other words, investment opportunities.

In the corporate world, employees often receive personal and professional development (PPD) training. Their company invests enormous amounts of money in their people because the company sees the return on their investment. They know that building their people is building their business.

In the Direct Selling World, companies train, train, train on how to sell and recruit and all about the products. But often personal and professional development focused on YOU is a distant second or non-existent.

Top sellers look at investing in themselves as one of their most important income producing activities. And when they find an investment that works for them, they repeat it for their team to grow exponentially.

In this month’s free class, CEO & Co-Founder Nicki Keohohou will share:

  • What’s missing in most Direct Sales training
  • Who else benefits from you investing in yourself
  • How and why top sellers invest in themselves
  • How to overcome the guilt of investing in yourself
  • How to translate your growth into your team’s growth

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