What Do I Say?

FREE Zoom Class May 11, 2021 9:00 PM EST - 10:00 PM EST

The #1 question we get from new Direct Sellers:

I’m signed up and ready to go. I have some products to sell. What do I say? I don’t want to come off pushy, awkward or fake. And I’m afraid they might say no. Help!

Successful Direct Sellers in 2021 have all learned one thing – we must make our customer conversations all about the customer! Seems obvious, right? But time and time again we see Direct Sellers struggle because they’re leading with themselves and their product.

So, HOW do we make the conversation all about the customer?

In this class we’ll discover how to:

  • Truly listen from a place of care and authenticity.
  • Ask the right kinds of questions.
  • Make subtle shifts in our words and body language.
  • Make the connection between the customer’s needs and solutions we offer.

With these new skills, suddenly our business starts to click! It’s such a RELIEF when we realize we don’t have to do all the talking. All of that conversation anxiety is replaced by self-confidence, hitting big sales goals and pride in our profession!

These are vital skills that’ll serve you your entire life, in any relationship, through any career!

Are you a team leader? These are skills your team MUST know to be successful in the business. Gather your team and join us to support them better and break everyone’s best sales record!

All registrants will receive a recording, so we invite you to register even if you aren’t sure you can make it.

Can’t wait to see you there!