Questions are the Answer

Interactive Online Class February 25, 2021 9:00 PM EST - 10:00 PM EST

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How to transform dependent team members into self-sufficient leaders.

If you listened to our free class Stop Being the Answer Queen, we discovered WHY we should let go of the Answer Queen/King crown in favor of open-ended questions. Questions empower our team members to create answers that work for them. And when they create it, they own it!

In this month’s $29 interactive class with Nicki Keohohou, learn WHAT to ask and HOW. You’ll learn specific ways to move from having the answers to providing the questions that create self-sufficient individuals. You’ll also receive a Handout PDF with sample questions to get you started!

These are high-impact communication skills ANYONE can implement in ANY relationship, business or personal, to fundamentally change your role in their lives. No longer do we feel the weight of the Answer Queen crown. We replace it with a sense of FULFILLMENT in our role as an empowerment specialist!

Join Nicki Keohohou for this 60-minute INTERACTIVE online class. You’ll have an opportunity to ask Nicki questions so that we may tailor these strategies to your specific experiences and challenges.

Participants will receive access to a recording within 24-48 hours of the class.